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When Jovie was introduced to the Reconnect program, she had stopped going to school due to
bullying and issues with confidence and self-esteem. She had goals of getting her government
issued ID and to finding employment. Reconnect is a youth outreach program that works to build
relationships with youth and connect them to options for help, including referrals to services,
housing, crisis counselling, access to sexuality and safe sex supports, and more. Jovie began
meeting with her youth worker once a week with hopes that she would build rapport and a trusting
relationship with them. It was challenging for the first few months as it was difficult to connect with
Jovie about her goals. After some time, Jovie agreed to attend an appointment to pursue obtaining
her ID. Her youth worker arranged transportation and they were successful in securing Jovie’s ID.

This success seemed to spark Jovie’s motivation and enabled her youth worker to explore her next
steps and goals with her. Through these discussions, Jovie identified her desire to get back into
school. After 6 months of working with Jovie, she had established a trusting relationship with her
youth worker. This relationship gave her the confidence to pursue graduating from high school.
With the support of her youth worker, Jovie was able to enroll into Honour Secondary School. Since
attending school, she has made new friends, her social anxiety has decreased, and she is flourishing.

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