Broadway Youth Resource Centre (BYRC)


This Vancouver youth service provides a one-stop center for social, health, education, housing, substance use support, employment, and life skills services. The Broadway Youth Resource Center, known as BYRC, offers support for youth with a variety of needs. The center serves a meal once a day at 5 pm Monday to Friday. The resource room offers access to 4 computers, a games room, coffee, tea, water, a free pantry of nonperishable food, and a phone. Support staff on the floor of the resource room can provide youth with information on I.D., housing, mental health support, substance use support, connection to culture, medical support, counselling and education. The center also partners with a variety of support services in the community to assist with information or connection to, Substance Use counselling programs, general counselling support, education programs, medical support, pre-employment skills, employment programs, cultural support, legal support programs, taxes, and aging out of care. A monthly program of activities is also provided and can include activities such as beading, dance class, access to a recording studio, karaoke, Bannock making, fibre arts. Programming can change is dependent on funding or availability of those providing the programming.

Entrance Requirements

All youth 13-24 years old


2455 Fraser Street, Vancouver, BC


Drop-in hours for the youth center are Monday to Friday from 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm

BYRC is open from 9:00am to 7:00pm

One-to-one booked appointments, for counselling, training, help with a variety of supports such as I.D., Job Search, Housing Search, help with Income Assistance etc. can be booked from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm


Broadway Youth Resource Center has a variety of free resources available for youth. Our resource room has 4 computers with internet access, a land line phone, water, coffee and tea, and a non-perishable food pantry.

Dinner is served Monday to Friday at 5 pm.

Dinner is free to youth 13-24 years old.

BYRC partners with several other community services to offer, general counselling, substance use counselling, and a medical clinic with a nurse practitioner. Access to services is free but may require an appointment.

Every month we have a calendar of events with various activities on site. These activities vary but include such programming as fiber arts, dance classes, access to a music studio, beading, Bannock making, and film nights. All our programming is free.

Workshops on various life skills are also offered depending on staffing availability, including, housing search, job search, budgeting, how to access training programs and personal care. All the programming is provided for free. Some programming may require you to book appointments.

Any youth 13-24 years old.

The Broadway Youth Resource Center has and Alternate School Program on site.

There is also an Adult Basic Education Program on site.

We have a medical clinic with a nurse practitioner on site twice a week.

There is an Indigenous Youth Victim Services worker on site for any Indigenous youth who have experienced violence or been a victim of crime and need support.

A Transitions to Adulthood Program is also located at BYRC. The Transitions Program is accessed by a social worker referral only.

We also have a partnership with Leave Out Violence Everywhere and that program is located at BYRC. (See description below)

LOVE BC is an award-winning youth-driven violence prevention & intervention org. that provides free media arts & leadership skills to 13-18-year-old youth.

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