Teen Recreation and Educational Services (TREES)


Trees provides a full range of academic programming that includes skill development opportunities for youth to engage in prosocial activities that are delivered both onsite and in community. Students benefit from a small class environment and individualized instruction tailored to each learners’ specific needs. Trees provides support to students to be successful in their education and includes a breakfast and lunch program, supports for youth living independently and/or parenting, support for youth experiencing or at risk of homelessness, and support to reduce instances of involvement in criminal activity including gang involvement and exploitation. Trees offers a continuum of care that includes wrap around support by other PCRS programs and partner agencies. 





13 – 18 years old

MCFD referred

Entrance Requirements 

Referral submitted by youth’s Social Worker


NYH (Newton Youth Hub) 114-13479 76th Avenue


The program follows the Surrey School District Calendar

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H Designation Description: Intensive behaviour/serious mental health
H Designation Examples: Mental health/behaviour. Must have ongoing outside agency support (e.g.: counsellor, mental health worker, social worker, probation officer etc.

Yes. TREES is an MCFD gated program. Youths need to have an open file with MCFD, and referrals are made by the youth’s Social Worker.

Yes. TREES offers High School Graduation and an optional Adult Dogwood Diploma.

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