Surrey Youth Housing Search


Support for youth to find and secure safe and affordable housing in Surrey.

This youth housing service supports Surrey youth 16-19 to find, secure and maintain safe and affordable housing while transitioning to adulthood. The program provides in-office services including; advocacy, housing search skill development, phone and internet access, information on tenant rights and landlord mediation supports.





For youths aged 16-19

Must have a source of rental income and the ability to live on their own.

Entrance Requirements

Open referral, (self, community partner, MCFD, school, parent)


CCYH (City Centre Youth Hub) at 10453 Whalley Blvd or NYH (Newton Youth Hub) 114-13479 76th Avenue


Core hours of support 10am-6pm Monday – Friday

Other Resources

MCFD Afterhours

FAQs – Surrey Youth Housing Search

No, but we will support you in finding market rental housing in Surrey.

We typically use a mixture of online (Facebook marketplace, Craigslist and Kijiji) and community boards to find rental listings.

We are not movers, however we can support you with rides or access to our youth services van for smaller moves.

Next Steps

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