City Centre Youth Hub (CCYH)

City Centre Youth Hub provides drop-in services for youth and families to access resources and build social connections. Activities vary throughout the year and include cultural and seasonal groups and events that provide opportunities to connect with other youth. The resource room offers access to computers, gaming, light snacks, and youth staff who are able to connect and offer support to youth while attending the hub. Additionally, there are opportunities for referral and access to life skills programming, harm reduction supplies, counselling, hygiene amenities, substance use support, employment, and education.

Entrance Requirements

Youth Ages 13-18


10453 Whalley Blvd, Surrey, BC


Monday to Friday from 10:00 am – 6:00 pm


Youth have access to food, shower facilities, laundry, video games, board games, pro-social youth groups, as well as fun activities, events and outings.

Yes, we have flexible hours for youth that are over the age of 18. please contact us at 604-587-8100 for more information.

Yes, our social media accounts are Facebook: surreyyouthhubs and Instagram: surreyyouthhubs

Next Steps

For more information please contact