Chilliwack Substance Use and Prevention Services (CAPS)


Substance Use counselling, groups, relapse prevention, and referrals to detox and treatment.

CAPS is the Fraser Health outpatient clinic for Substance Use supports in Chilliwack. CAPS supports youth, adults, and families from ages 13-99 by providing a wide range of alcohol and drug prevention and treatment services, specific to the participants’ identified needs. Options include counselling, outreach, relapse prevention, support groups, substance-affected support for friends and family, and referrals to treatment programs. Our Indigenous Wellness program operates alongside CAPS to provide culturally-appropriate healing and counselling for our First Nations individuals.


Participant Quote

“CAPS honestly changed my life. They helped get me into treatment and develop a plan to prevent relapse after I got out. I have my daughter back living with me now and couldn’t be happier.”




Youth and Adult programming – ages 13 and up

Chilliwack resident

Seeking supports specific to substance use

Entrance Requirements

Our intake process is quick and barrier-free, simply by calling 1 (604) 795-5994 for an initial intake immediately over the phone. The counsellor is assigned and will connect with you to set up your first individual appointment.


45921 Hocking Ave, Chilliwack, BC


Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm

Other Resources

Fraser East RAAC

Rapid Access to Addiction Care


CAPS is a voluntary service and individuals must self-refer. Although we often get concerned family calling us to find services for their loved ones, the individual themselves must complete the intake over the phone. We are however able to provide ‘substance-affected’ support for family members who are struggling to deal with problematic substance use in their homes.

Yes, as the Fraser Health outpatient substance use clinic, your counsellor is able to take you through the entire paperwork referral process.

No, there is no fee for our counselling services. It is a free service for you.

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