Foundry Surrey (coming 2024)


Foundry Surrey provides a welcoming, inclusive, and accessible space for young people 12-24 and their families to find free supports for their health and wellness needs without a referral.

Our Vision: We are a safe and inclusive place where young people and families find flexible, accessible, non-judgmental support and care to meet their needs.

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Entrance Requirements

Drop-in for Youth Ages 12-24


10280 City Parkway, Surrey, BC


Flexible hours

Building Foundry Surrey Together

    “Foundry is a great space where we can provide prevention, and early intervention resources. We know, according to what was published by The Canadian Mental Health Association that 84,000 young people are experiencing mental health issues in BC and only 17% of those young people are accessing resources. There is so much we can do to provide young people with the tools they need to help them, to prevent them from going further into a mental health crisis. They can have a place like Foundry to learn those tools so they can thrive.” – Heather Lynch, Options Community Services

    “Surrey has been identified as one of the communities that needs much support. Surrey will become larger than Vancouver in the next few years and yet we have about a third of the services and sometimes less than that. Because of its size and its high and increasing number of constituents, Surrey has become a priority for the government and its provincial partners. The pandemic exacerbated some of these gaps in service and the Ministry of Health is very keen to invest and bring some of the services Surrey needs. Now is the right time for Foundry.” – Tomas Reyes, Surrey-North Delta Division of Family Practice

    “Surrey is a fabulously unique and diverse community. We have been extremely intentional as we’ve built our leadership tables, making sure they represent the community, and what that looks like. Representation matters. Surrey has a very large population of newcomers, both refugees and immigrants, and each person’s experiences are very different. We need to make sure that those voices and folks are part of our leadership.” – Jen Lowrey, Director, Foundry Surrey

    “When I was growing up, mental health wasn’t something that was talked about in the South Asian community. It was a struggle with my family when I was going through my own mental health concerns because they didn’t understand what I was going through. They were trying as hard as they could, but there was no place for them to learn either, or if there was a place, they couldn’t find it.” Debora Anthonypillai, Community Coordinator Foundry Surrey

Other Resources

Emergency Services

  • 911

Fraser Health Crisis Line


Crisis Centre BC 

Indigenous BC Wide Crisis Line


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Youth can access different resources like drop-in activities, video games, snacks and drinks, board games, foosball table, ping pong table, arts and crafts, musical instruments and access to different services.

Access to information about substance use and prevention, housing, employment education and programs for newcomers and outreach services.

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