Youth bed-based treatment program for those struggling with substance use.

Traverse is a Fraser Region Youth Substance Use Live-in Treatment Centre, for youth aged 13-18 who identify as having their life difficulties being tangled up in substance use. Youth voluntarily choose to attend Traverse and are able to stay up to 6 months.

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Participant Quote

“Recovery is the process of pursuing a contributing and fulfilling life, regardless of the difficulties one has faced. It involves not only the restoration, but also continued enhancement of a positive identity as well as personally meaningful connections and roles in one’s community. It is facilitated by relationships and environments that promote hope, empowerment, choices, and opportunities that support people in reaching their full potential as individuals and community members.” – Quote from BHTEN, Philadelphia’s Behavioural Health system




    Youths aged 13 – 18 residing in the Fraser Health Region

    Entrance Requirements

    Prior to referral, the youth needs to be connected with professional community support, such as:

    Mental Health and Substance Use clinicians within Fraser Health

    Substance Use Counsellors contracted with Fraser Health

    Child and Youth Mental Health clinicians at MCFD

    Together, complete the Fraser Health standard youth treatment form and wellness plan, then submit the forms to the Fraser Health Specialized Intake Worker.




    24 hours a day, 7 days a week

    Other Resources

    Fraser Health Crisis Line 

    FAQs – Traverse

    Yes, Traverse allows a limited number of smoke / vape breaks during the day at specified times. Please discuss further with the Intake Team.

    Youth ages 13 – 18.

    Traverse utilizes “Challenge by Choice” where we ask people to show up and challenge themselves by being present, but not that they have to engage in the entire activity.

    Next Steps

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