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A transitional housing program for youth at risk of homelessness aged 16-24.

The Vancouver Youth Housing Program is a transitional, subsidized housing program for youth at risk of homelessness aged 16-24. Youth can self refer to our housing program’s waitlist or be referred by professionals or other stakeholders via the PCRS website.  Our program provides housing support to our participants who will work to achieve self identified life skills goals to help them transition into long term sustainable housing. PCRS maintains 5 different housing sites in Vancouver geared towards different levels of participant need with over 60 participants at any given time.


Participant Quote

“I appreciate how flexible program staff have been in helping me prepare to transition to long term housing”




    The Vancouver Youth Housing Program serves youth aged 16-24 who are a risk of homelessness. Within our program, we maintain dedicated space for youth who identify as LGBTQ2SI* and/or Indigenous.

    Entrance Requirements

    Participants can self-refer or be referred by professionals or other stakeholders (such as family members or friends). Vancouver-based MCFD and VACFSS social workers may also directly refer to our housing program and are encouraged to contact the housing manager for more information on how direct referrals are made.


    Vancouver, BC


    The Vancouver Youth Housing Program operates every day, with daytime housing support workers on site 5 days a week, Monday to Friday from 9am-5pm, overnight housing support 7 days a week from 9pm to 5am and on-call leadership support 24/7.

    FAQs – Vancouver Youth Housing

    Unfortunately, not, we do not offer emergency or shelter housing and our waitlist can be up to two years long.  Drop-in staff at the BYRC would be happy to help you look for a shelter or short-term option, however.

    Yes, rent is subsidized for participants on a fixed income such as income assistance or disability, or at some sites geared towards income up to 30% of a participant’s monthly income.

    Length of service in the Vancouver Youth Housing Program can vary, though on average most participants live at our housing sites for around two years.

    Our program takes a harm reduction approach to substance use, and though we ask participants not to consume substances in common areas of our housing sites or smoke indoors we do not expect participants to abstain from substance use unless it is a self-identified goal area that they have chosen to work on.

    No, our program uses a program agreement model rather than a tenancy relationship. Involvement in program activities such as meeting with a housing worker, creating life skills goals, and following program guidelines is required in order to live at our housing sites.

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