Community Outreach Coordination & Integration (CICP)


An integrated and coordinated response to individuals experiencing homelessness, substance use and mental health by providing frontline case management, building connection and community integration.

The objective of the CICP is to work directly with individuals experiencing homelessness in Chilliwack. It is the goal of the program to build relationship with these individuals in order to form trusting helping connections, integrate services and supports to reduce the individuals’ current harms, and provide a well-lit path to increased overall wellness across a spectrum of services. It is our objective to coordinate resources and the service stream in Chilliwack in order to provide more accessible, more accountable, wrap-around services to some of our most vulnerable Chilliwack residents.


Participant Quote

“I never thought I’d be this far into “a normal life” so quickly!” “This is the most helpful program and staff I’ve ever dealt with.” “I am so grateful for these staff who help me make my appointments and help me to get there.”




Our target population is at-risk, vulnerable individuals living in Chilliwack who require a supportive, non-emergency response, often directly related to situations of homelessness, substance use and mental health.

Entrance Requirements

There are no barriers to requesting support and service from our CICP.




Monday to Friday 7:00am – 5:00pm

Saturday and Sunday 10:00am – 3:00pm


Although securing safe and affordable housing is ultimately the goal for many of our folks who are experiencing homelessness, there is a shortage of accessible supportive housing and affordable rental market housing. There may be a small number of individuals who are ready and assisted into housing, but considering the needs of the individuals, their own identified goals, and the current housing market, housing may not be the goal or outcome of our program. Wherever possible, provision of safe shelter will be provided within our shelter systems. We are able to provide a BC Housing VAT assessment and assist with connection to housing resources, but we are not housing workers specifically.

Absolutely! Regardless of how long your ID has been missing or where we have to go to get it, this is something that we are able to help with.

We definitely can help! We can assist you in accessing RAAC services at the Chilliwack General Hospital by making your appointment together and accompanying you to your OAT appointment. If you are expressing readiness for residential treatment, we can introduce you to the CAPS or Indigenous Wellness substance use counselling team here at PCRS and get you started with one-to-one counselling or group work. It is our job to help create the bridge between you and the services you are seeking in Chilliwack.

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