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PCRS employment programs work with job seekers and employers in various communities to help participants prepare for employment, secure, and maintain jobs that support families, and gain meaningful work experience and purpose.

We believe that employment is a key component to quality of life and that every person has the capacity and potential to be successful given the right support.

Jessica’s Story

Before completing my Post-Degree Diploma in Data Analytics, I worked as a financial advisor. I accumulated a wide range of experience in reporting, financial administrative tasks, stock pricing analysis and securities, and mutual fund investment consultation. However, a challenge I faced after moving to Canada was a lack of local experience. Another challenge to finding employment in Canada was the language barrier.

I learned about WorkBC through my husband, who used to be a client of WorkBC, and some of my friends. I decided to try WorkBC because I wanted to build a network and get advice on job seeking.

I was happy to work with my Case Manager and the staff at WorkBC because they were very supportive. My Case Manager was very proactive and always responsive; she always replied to my emails quickly, which I really appreciated.

WorkBC helped me with services related to resumes, cover letters, and mock interviews. I found the 1:1 session for resumes and cover letters most helpful. Service-wise, I found the mock interview to be very useful because the facilitator was an active listener and gave me constructive feedback, as well as advice on my pronunciation.

Recently, I received a job offer and am now working as a Sales Audit Analyst. Some advice that I’d like to share for those who are still searching for work is to spend time doing the resume and cover letter and practice interviewing as much as possible. Especially for those who are looking for STEM-related jobs, consider building a portfolio and including it with your resumes to help demonstrate your technical skills in a nice way.

PCRS Employment Programs

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PCRS Employment Programs


WorkBC connects job seekers and employers – helping people find jobs, explore career options, and improve their skills, and helping employers find the right talent and grow their businesses.

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