Community Work Service


Supporting youth in the completion of community work service.

The program provides a supportive environment for youth to complete their community service hours within a setting where they see the value of the work being done. The Program youth worker ensures that there is a good match between community service and the participants’ interests and abilities.





Youth between 13-18 who need to complete community work service.

Entrance Requirements

Referral to the program.


CCYH (City Centre Youth Hub) at 10453 Whalley Blvd or NYH (Newton Youth Hub) 114-13479 76th Avenue


Flexible hours

FAQs – Community Work Service

The completion of hours depends on the commitment level of the youth.

We have many community resources that we work with to support the completion of the hours. Some examples are Garbage pick up, volunteering at the funny farm, and volunteering at a soup kitchen.

Yes, you can, our youth worker will work with you to determine the best fit and time for you.

Next Steps

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