Youth Engagement Program

Supporting, encouraging, and empowering youth to engage in volunteer and leadership opportunities within BYRC and the community.

The Youth Engagement Program supports the volunteer programming at BYRC, the Peer Navigator Program, along with the Youth Advisory Committee.

Youth Engagement aims to empower youth by creating and encouraging volunteer and leadership opportunities at BYRC and in the surrounding community. Youth Engagement also aims to support program development at BYRC based on youth-led initiatives and feedback, through the implementation of the Youth Advisory Committee.




Eligibility Interested

Vancouver youth aged 13 to 24

Entrance Requirements

Interested youth, or service providers, can complete a referral form for the Peer Navigator Program, to volunteer


Broadway Youth Resource Center, 2455 Fraser Street Vancouver BC


Monday to Friday 2:00pm to 7:00pm

FAQs – Youth Engagement Program

As a Peer Navigator you will be scheduled to volunteer in the kitchen or barista station for three-to-five-hour shifts based on your availability.

You will be eligible to participate in the Peer Navigator program for 6 months, and then we can discuss how you would like to continue.

You will be trained on the job by our Kitchen Manager.

You will also receive additional employment skills and social inclusion training through trainings with the Youth Engagement Coordinator and guest speakers.

The Youth Engagement Coordinator will be with you along the way to support your personal employment goals.

Peer Navigators transition to employment programs or employment in the community based on their interests and skills.

Next Steps

For more information please see the 

Referral Form
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