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Dear Friends of PCRS,

We wish to notify our participants that PCRS was the victim of a ransomware attack in late September 2022 that involved unauthorized access to certain of our computer systems. Those systems contained participant personal information. The personal information could include names, addresses, phone numbers, bank account information, and social insurance numbers. Given the nature of the attack we cannot confirm at this time what personal information has been impacted. In the interest of transparency, we are making this announcement to notify all PCRS participants of the attack.

We have since taken several measures to protect PCRS participant information including:

  • Engaging cyber security experts to assist in the investigation
  • Identified, isolated and secured the affected systems
  • Further strengthening our systems to deter future incidents
  • Reported the attack to law enforcement

Our experts are continually monitoring the Dark Web, and the investigation to date has not identified any misuse of data. However, affected systems contained sensitive information of certain program participants. To protect yourself from the risk of identity theft or fraud, we recommend monitoring your online accounts, services, and identity, disregarding any unsolicited requests for your personal or financial information, and remaining vigilant about any unexpected transactions.

PCRS immediately engaged with cyber security experts to identify, isolate, and secure affected systems. We have also contacted the relevant authorities, including the Vancouver Police Department and the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner.

We are informing our community of this cyber attack as a precautionary measure in order to provide resources and further safeguard the personal information of our members. We apologize for any distress this news may cause. Should you have further questions, please see here, where we have posted a FAQ document.

Debbie Anderson Eng


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