Be Optimistic – Carmela Talks About Her Job Search Journey

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I was a stay-at-home mother for 10 years and was looking for work for last two years.

I was sending my resume to many companies but no company ever replied to my application. When I attended a job fair, I was told that my being stay-at-home mother for years and lack of Canadian experience were two of the main reasons why I was not receiving any response from the companies.

Last year, I joined a program with a non-profit organization that helps women. In that program, one of the advisors told me to register for WorkBC as it has many programs that can help me with my job search. I also got to know that most of the participants of that program were already connected with a WorkBC Counsellor. Finally, I decided to register with WorkBC.

WorkBC Centre Guildford helped me advance in the right direction to achieve my goal.

My Employment Counsellor advised and encouraged me to go back to school. WorkBC provided me with the tuition fee and transportation allowance to complete my Admin Assistant/Computerized Accounting diploma.

After one month of completing my diploma, I have been offered an exciting role where I could apply and improve my knowledge and skills in accounting and administration.

All the staff of WorkBC Centre Guildford that I met every time I visited were very helpful and pleasant. My Employment Counsellor was so supportive and understanding. I am very thankful to WorkBC. I’d like to tell all the jobseekers out there “BE OPTIMISTIC”. It’s alright to acknowledge negativity, but keep your mind open to all possibilities and opportunities.

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