We provide housing services that support vulnerable people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness to maintain stable, long-term housing. We serve through street outreach, housing search, and housing-first programs. We are committed to and passionate about ending homelessness in our communities. We believe that housing is a right.

Housing + Chilliwack

This adult housing service supports Chilliwack residents age 19-99 who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. The residence provides lifeskills, counselling, connection to community services, support in finding long-term housing, and up to two years of residence in individual housing suites. Please contact us at 604-795-5994 or email us at chhcreception@pcrs.ca or visit us at 45921 Hocking Ave, Chilliwack BC.

ConnectingHousingResource Centres + Chilliwack

This is a multi-program site which provides various programs for substance use, harm reduction, youth services, housing and leadership/resiliency. Please contact us at 604-795-5994 or at chhcreception@pcrs.ca.

Housing + Chilliwack

This program supports Chilliwack residents to gain access to private rental units and maintain these units in the community through ongoing support and home visits. Please contact us at 604-795-5994.

ConnectingHousing + Surrey

This housing service for youth opens up sleeping space based on the daily weather from November to March. Please contact us at 604-587-8100 or visit us at CCYH (City Centre Youth Hub) at 10453 Whalley Blvd, Surrey BC.

ConnectingEducationHousingSubstance Use & Mental HealthYouth and Family Support + Surrey

PCRS, Foundry Surrey is bringing together partner organizations that will address the health and wellness needs of young people aged 12 to 24 and their families. Through a partnership with individuals, businesses, other agencies, and governments, PCRS strives to achieve our mission of inspiring healthy and inclusive communities through leadership and collaboration. Foundry Surrey will offer young people 12-24 access to mental health and substance use support, primary care, peer support, and social services.

More information about the Foundry Surrey can be found here: https://foundrybc.ca/surrey/

Housing + Surrey

QRP is a Surrey residential program designed to provide short-term assessment, stabilization, and support to youth between the ages of 12-18. Referrals are made by MCFD. Please contact us at 604-587-8100 or by email at ccyh@pcrs.ca or visit us at CCYH (City Centre Youth Hub) at 10453 Whalley Blvd, Surrey BC.

Housing + Vancouver

Provides Youth (19-24), eligible low-income earners employed, living in Vancouver, Richmond, North Shore, New Westminster, and Burnaby with financial assistance to help with their monthly rent payments to their landlords for housing in the private market rentals. Program sponsored and in partnership with BC Housing. Please contact us at 604-709-5720 or by email at byrc@pcrs.ca or visit us at 2455 Fraser Street, Vancouver, BC.

Who is eligible? We need a cooperative Landlord to receive monthly rent subsidy cheques from our agency to set this program up. Must provide Residential Tenancy Agreement from the landlord:

  1. Youth ages 19 – 24 (Broadway Youth Resource Centre services to age 24).
  2. Must be employed part-time or full-time… income allowed from these sources: MSD Income Assistance (IA) – MSD Person with Disability (PWD), or Employment Insurance (EI), or MCFD Agreements with Young Adults (AYA) – but need part-time employment to qualify if getting this income.
  3. Your gross annual income is $40,000 or LESS.
  4. You filed your annual Canadian income tax return and if not must provide (3) months bank statements to demonstrate financial need.
  5. You meet one of the following Citizenship requirements: Canadian citizen, or authorized to take up Permanent Residence in Canada, or Convention refugee; and are not under private sponsorship.
  6. You have lived in British Columbia for the full twelve (12) months immediately preceding your application.
  7. Not currently receiving rental subsidy from any BC Government Programs – Including BC Housing, not currently living in Subsidized (Social Supportive) Housing.
  8. Living in service area: Richmond, Burnaby, North Shore, New Westminster, Vancouver.
  9. Currently living in a rental – unit/house/room/apartment with a Residential Tenancy Agreement.

RAP is currently at capacity, please contact the program coordinator about the waitlist at 604.709.5720.

Housing + Surrey

Youth are housed in one of our 2 semi-independent living homes while they work with a support worker who assists them to with life skills development, obtaining employment, attending school and/or transition. Please contact us at 604-592-6200 or by email at nyrcreception@pcrs.ca or visit us at CCYH (City Centre Youth Hub) at 10453 Whalley Blvd or NYH (Newton Youth Hub) 114-13479 76th Avenue.

Housing + Surrey

This outreach service supports youth up to the age of 24 in Surrey and Delta who are homeless or at risk of homelessness and fall outside eligibility with MCFD. The program helps youth secure and maintain housing by providing one-to-one support, connection to income supports, housing advocacy, landlord mediation, moving assistance, and referrals to community resources. Please contact us at 604-592-6200 or by email at nyrcreception@pcrs.ca  or visit us at NYH (Newton Youth Hub) 114-13479 76th Avenue or CCYH (City Centre Youth Hub) at 10453 Whalley Blvd.

To apply for this service, please fill out a referral form and then email the completed referral form to referral@pcrs.ca.

This project is funded by the Government of Canada’s Reaching Home: Canada’s Homelessness Strategy.

Housing + Surrey

This youth housing service supports Surrey youth 16-19 to find, secure and maintain safe and affordable housing while transitioning to adulthood. The program provides in-office services including; advocacy, housing search, moving and landlord mediation supports. Please contact us at 604-592-6200 or by email at nyrcreception@pcrs.ca or visit us at CCYH (City Centre Youth Hub) at 10453 Whalley Blvd or NYH (Newton Youth Hub) 114-13479 76th Avenue.

  • Section 1: Participant Information

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  • Section 2: Programs

  • Section 3: Referral Information

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Section 4: Service and Goal Request

    Please note: Youth in Bolivar and Fraser will have a PCRS Housing and Outreach Life Skills Support Worker assigned to them
  • Goals Requested

  • Section 5: Important Medical History

  • Section 6: Program Specified Information Required

    Please fill out information for the programs that relate to the participant needs.

  • Needs:
  • Risks:
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  • Amount of HoursDue Date 
  • Last Grade CompletedSchool 


  • If different from parent / guardian
  • Please list 1. Name 2. Age 3. Gender 4. Date of birth


    See calendar for specific times dates
  • ALL INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THIS DOCUMENT IS STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL To refer youth to GYRC or NYRC Resource Rooms or if you would like us to send youth information about accessing resources for employment, connections to community resources, Youth Centre social and recreational programming or drop in services please let us know their email and we will ensure they have access to our calendar.
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