Making a complaint will not result in any changes to the services you are receiving.

How to make a complaint:

Any participant or someone acting as a support to them can make a complaint in person, via the telephone or in writing to any of the following people:

  • The person with whom they have the complaint
  • A staff member with whom they feel comfortable
  • A program group meeting, if applicable
  • The program supervisor
  • The Chief Executive Officer or their delegate.

Participants, family members, or other advocates have the right to request to have anyone they wish present as a support person when making a complaint and for any follow-up.

Complaints should be as specific as possible, providing key information and facts. Parents, guardians, social workers, other professionals, and anyone designated on behalf of a program participant have the right and are encouraged to voice their questions, concerns or complaints either verbally or in writing.

The person who made the complaint will be given a response within five (5) working days of their complaint being received.

The staff member who receives the complaint will keep senior staff and/or the Chief Executive Officer informed. The Chief Executive Officer or senior staff member who receives the complaint will designate a staff member to conduct an investigation. This investigation will be documented, and a copy will be sent to the Chief Executive Officer. If appropriate, a copy of the report will be filed in the participant’s file.

At the time of intake/orientation, all participants, and where applicable, their parent(s)/guardian(s), will be informed of their ability to express concerns or complaints.

As well, participants will be informed of available external routes of appeal. Staff will assist with any external process, if needed.

If the complaint involves one or more staff members, the staff member(s) involved will be informed as soon as possible that a complaint has been made. The person(s) being accused will be given the opportunity to respond to the complaint.

Further Action:

If the situation is not satisfactorily resolved with the Chief Executive Officer, the person who made the complaint will have the right to approach the Board of Directors. The Chief Executive Officer will ensure that the participant or his/her parent/guardian/advocate is provided with the name and phone number of the board designate.

If you would like to make a complaint, you can talk to any of our staff, fill out the form below or call our Head Office at 604-412-7950.

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