About Us

We are a progressive agency and our work is described as responsive, cutting edge, and creative. PCRSs’ values guide our work and help us, with our partners, to identify gaps in service, advocate and find innovative solutions to address complex social problems.


Everyone thriving in strong, healthy communities.

our Mission

Inspiring healthy and inclusive communities through leadership and collaboration.

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    PCRS is proud to be a leading social service provider. A huge part of what defines us are the values we bring to the work we do.

    Our Values
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    board of

    Our Board of Directors brings a range of experience and valuable skills that guide PCRS.

    Meet the Directors

leadership Team

Our agency staff leadership is a dedicated team of hardworking social services professionals.

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news and Awards

We are proud of the work we do, and we want to share our stories with you. Please check out all of our latest news stories.

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Cyber Security

Want to learn more about the work we do? Check out our annual reports.

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strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan 2020-23 was approved at the February 2020 Board meeting and will guide the agency priorities for the next three years.

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code of Ethics

The PCRS Code of Ethics is a guideline for the professional behaviour of PCRS staff, volunteers and practicum students.

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privacy and Confidentiality

There is information here about how we work hard to protect the rights of the people we serve.

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