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  • Supports Job Seekers to earn while they learn
  • Helps Employers with funding to provide on-the-job training


  • The Wage Subsidy Work Experience Placements pays an incentive to Employers to hire a client who needs work experience and skills enhancement.
  • A Wage Subsidy is offered to offset the costs of training a new employee. The amount available is up to 50% of the hourly rate of pay, for up to 24 weeks, for a full-time position.
  • We are looking for Employers who sincerely want to help a potential employee gain on-the-job development and are willing to take the time to help the new hire become a valuable asset to their team.

Job Seekers

In order to be Eligible, you must be:

  • Unemployed and Collecting EI, or;
  • Have had an EI claim within the last 36 months, or;
  • Are re-entering the labour force after leaving to care for children and had a maternity/parental EI claim within past 5 years; and,
  • Be in need of work experience to obtain your employment goal.

Please contact us to confirm your eligibility.
Single parents in receipt of Social Assistance may also be eligible for wage subsidy, please contact the centre to confirm your eligibility.


In order to be Eligible, the following criteria must be met:

  • In business for at least one year;
  • Have a position to fill that is a normal part of your ongoing business operations;
  • Confirm that no workers will be laid off as a result of the new placement;
  • Offer a full-time position (minimum of 35 hours per week), and offer the likelihood of long-term employment;
  • Pay reasonable competitive wages for the position; and,
  • Have a Business Number, and be compliant with Employment Standards, Workers Compensation, the Income Tax Act, and Employment Insurance.

Do you have a position to fill? contact us to register as a Wage Subsidy employer BEFORE you hire.

How we Process a Match between a Job Seeker & Employer:

  1. Before a new person is hired, their eligibility must be confirmed, this is done by the job seeker visiting our Centre
  2. An Employer can contact the Centre and get help from a Job Developer to find an eligible Client, or;
  3. A potential employee can confirm eligibility and market themselves to potential Employers after their Wage Subsidy eligibility has been confirmed by their Employment Advisor.
  4. The Wage Subsidy Agreement for job placement must be approved and signed by all Parties (Employer Liaison, Employer & Job Seeker) before the employee begins work.

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