Youth Justice

ConnectingYouth Justice + Surrey

Supports Surrey youth 13-18 in completing their court-ordered community service hours. The program provides a supportive environment for youth to complete their community service hours. Please contact us at 604-592-6200 or by email at or visit us at NYH (Newton Youth Hub) at 114 – 13479 76 Avenue, Surrey BC.

ConnectingYouth Justice + Surrey

This program supports Surrey based females, ages 12-19, who are currently involved in the sex trade, and gangs, or who are at risk of gang involvement. Please contact us at 604-587-8100 or by email at or visit us at CCYH (City Centre Youth Hub) at 10453 Whalley Blvd, Surrey BC.

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South Asian families who feel their children or youth may be at risk of gang involvement, are exhibiting negative behaviours and live in the Surrey area. Please contact Sarjeet at 604-837-2949 or email is at