We provide housing services that support vulnerable people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness to maintain stable, long-term housing. We serve through street outreach, housing search, and housing-first programs. We are committed to and passionate about ending homelessness in our communities. We believe that housing is a right.

Housing + Vancouver

The Vancouver Youth Housing Program provides transitional housing support to youth at risk of homelessness aged 16-24. This is a youth-centered program where participants work with housing staff to create a plan based on their goals to achieve long-term sustainable housing. This program offers a variety of housing options for different support level needs, from low barrier transitional housing to portable market housing subsidies. Please contact us at 604-709-5720 or by email at byrc@pcrs.ca or visit us at 2455 Fraser Street, Vancouver, BC.

The waitlist is now OPEN.

At this time we are only accepting applicants that Identify LGBT2QS and youth that can live with roommates in shared accommodations. Please include a contact number you can be reached.

Applicants must fill out a BYRC housing program application form please see below. Selected candidates will be interviewed by a panel of BYRC and BC Housing staff members before being accepted into the program.

  • Section 1: Participant Information

  • GenderPronoun 
  • Please tick the box for those that apply. You may qualify for LGBTQ2S* and/or Aboriginal specific housing
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  • You may qualify for specific housing
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Housing + Vancouver

This youth service supports youth 15-18 in foster care to transition to living independently. The program provides outreach, counselling, and after-hours support to assist youth in developing life skills. Referrals are made directly by MCFS and VACFSS social workers. Please contact us at 604 709-5720 or email us at byrc@pcrs.ca or visit us at 2455 Fraser Street, Vancouver, BC.