We provide youth with the opportunity to learn, improve, and explore their strengths and interests. We are committed to supporting young people acquire skills, confidence, and competence to be successful in their educational and employment pursuits. We believe that young people can achieve their goals and reach their full potential when they’re provided with support and resources along their educational journeys.

Education + Vancouver

This youth education service supports students 13-16 in the Vancouver School District who are working on completing grades 8-10. The program integrates academic, recreational, and counselling activities for students who require a higher staff-to-student ratio or modified coursework. The program also provides a Breakfast Club and a lunch program. Please contact us at 604-709-5720 or by email at or visit us at 2455 Fraser Street, Vancouver BC.

For more information please see the referral form.

ConnectingEducationHousingSubstance Use & Mental HealthYouth and Family Support + Surrey

PCRS, Foundry Surrey is bringing together partner organizations that will address the health and wellness needs of young people aged 12 to 24 and their families. Through a partnership with individuals, businesses, other agencies, and governments, PCRS strives to achieve our mission of inspiring healthy and inclusive communities through leadership and collaboration. Foundry Surrey will offer young people 12-24 access to mental health and substance use support, primary care, peer support, and social services.

Foundry Surrey’s vision statement: “A safe and inclusive place where young people and families find flexible, accessible, non-judgemental support and care to meet their needs.”
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Education + Surrey

This independent youth education service in Surrey supports youth 13-18 who are working on grades 10 to 12. Participants collaborate in the creation of an individualized education plan and receive education, skill development, lunch and breakfast, and family support services. Please contact us at 604-992-3982 or by email at or visit us at CCYH (City Centre Youth Hub) at 10453 Whalley Blvd, Surrey BC.

For more information please see the referral form.

The health and safety of all students, staff and wider school community of Honour Secondary School is our top priority.  On January 10, 2022, we have updated our COVID-19 Communicable Diseases Safety Plan and it can be found here. Further updates will be given as they are received.

Education + 2 cities

Available in Surrey Vancouver

This youth education service supports youth grades 8-12 in Vancouver and Surrey to graduate from high school and move on to employment or further education after high school. The program provides tutoring, mentoring, financial and one-to-one support. Please contact us at 604-709-5744 or by email at or

If you would like to register a youth for the program please download the referral form here or call 604-709-5744

Education + Surrey

TREES is an alternate school offering High School Graduation and optional adult Dogwood Diploma to Surrey youth aged 13 – 18. Programming includes counselling, assessments, individualized learning plans, full or adapted academic assignments, and recreation. This program is delivered in partnership with the Surrey School District. Please contact us at 604-592-6200 or by email at or visit us at #114 – 13479 – 76 Avenue, Surrey BC.

For more information please see the referral form.