PCRS Wellness Champion

Congrats Alejandra! PCRS Wellness Champion for February

At Midtown ESC there seemed to be a lot of interest from the staff to partake in a weekly wellness initiative. Some of the activities included fifteen minutes of stretching, zumba, chair yoga and walking on the spot. These are all examples of wellness that included physical activity, and were well received. We also included activities that were introspective such as guided imagery meditation, TED talks, or sharing healthy cooking recipes. The  Wellness Quarter appeals to many different interests and capabilities.  The response has been overwhelmingly positive so far, with many of the staff getting involved in deciding weekly activities and even leading a stretching session or a guided meditation. 


“Yes, I really do enjoy it and I applaud both the PCRS management for supporting this and to Alejandra for organizing it.  When I am in meetings and miss the session I notice that I miss it.  All sessions have been quick, efficient, and uplifting.  I will continue to come as often as I can.”

-Laurie Stone | Vocational Counselor – Disability and Addictions, Open Door Group, WorkBC Employment Services Centre, Midtown

“Wellness helps me:

  • Relax and calm down after a fast paced day (meditation)
  • Get a good laugh! (comedy)
  • Make me think introspectively (TED Talks).
  • Learn new recipes! (cooking)”

-Max Baessato, Open Door Group, WorkBC Employment Services Centre, Midtown

“I really enjoyed Zumba. It is fun and relaxing! “

-Susan Faltado, WorkBC

“I feel happy and good after the wellness activity and I think that zumba offer a good workout! Coup de chapeau Alejandra and thank you very much for this great idea!!!”

-Mamick Bachidere, WorkBC

“Zumba is a gift to the end of the day tension and tiredness.  It allows our team to bond over a fun and healthy activity. Thank you”

-Candace Burnet | Case Manager, Pacific Community Resources Society, WorkBC Employment Services Centre, Midtown