Everyone will behave and perform their duties in a manner that aligns with the agency Mission, Vision and Guiding Values and which supports the financial interests, integrity and reputation of the agency. It is everyone’s duty to report actions which are unethical and/or which contravene the Mission, Vision and Guiding Values.

Providing Service:

  1. Promote service excellence; maintain and improve knowledge and skills through continuousawareness of emergent and best practices.
  2. Provide service without prejudice in regard to ethnic origin, status, gender, sexualorientation, age, religion, ability or beliefs.
  3. Advocate and collaborate on behalf of participants to advance social justice.
  4. Make clear distinctions between actions undertaken on behalf of the Agency and those taken in a personal capacity. Resolve personal, professional and ethical conflicts in an as direct and efficient manner as possible. Ensure that personal interests do not take precedence over, or conflict with professional judgement, independence or competence.
  5. Refrain from any actions or activities that constitute criminal misconduct, the intentionalwaste of organizational resources, fraud, misrepresentation, or behaviours that represent aconflict of interest in the buying or selling of goods or services with the Agency.
  6. Act in a conscientious, diligent and efficient manner and, where a participant is not benefitingfrom the services and/or professional relationship, ensure other appropriate services areoffered.

Working with Participants:

  1. Respect the intrinsic dignity, welfare, best interests and worth of participants; promotetheir physical, emotional, and intellectual development; provide a safe environment andprotect them from abuse and neglect.
  2. Protect the confidentiality of professionally acquired information and only disclose suchinformation when properly authorized under agency policy or under legal or professionalobligation to do so.
  3. Recognize that the relationship with participants is one in which there is an implicitimbalance of power and as such carries a special responsibility; do not exploit thatrelationship for private advantage or personal gain.