Quick Response Program (QRP)

  • Youth
  • 12 - 18

Available in Surrey

The Quick Response Program (QRP) is a residential program designed to provide short-term assessment, stabilization, and support to youth.

Program Features

  • QRP has one home in Surrey. Up to three youth may live in the house for periods of six to eight weeks
  • The home is always open for service. Two caregivers at the house take turns living in the house for approximately three to four days at a time
  • Shift staff provides additional opportunities for youth to have one-on-one time with the staff. All staff provide youth with support, information, supervision, and recreation
  • Individual rooms are provided for youth. The house looks like a ‘regular’ home inside and out
  • The ‘rules’ at QRP are based on common family expectations. The youths’ social workers determine the amount of contact with friends and family, the degree of supervision, curfews, and other relevant details
  • QRP’s goal is to help youth stabilize their behaviour; this means to get the events in their lives to settle down and become more balanced. We do this by providing a safe place to live both physically (e.g. knives, scissors, and sharp objects are locked up when not in use) and emotionally
  • Youth receive an allowance of $15 per week, as long as they are participating in the program. They may earn an extra $5 per week by choosing to do an ‘extra’ chore

What will youth do during the day?

  • The day will follow many of the routines they are used to, such as school and regular appointments
  • We will support positive activities the youth want to be involved in and we often help with transportation and costs
  • Youth help keep the home nice by cleaning up after themselves and by keeping a tidy room
  • We have arts and craft supplies
  • We have an assortment of sports equipment for youth to use
  • We have board games, cards, etc., complete with staff who love the challenge of playing these games with the youth
  • To help with the assessment , a psychologist will have conversations and interviews with the youth and their families
  • We have house outings and one-on-one outings including swimming, movies, visiting the zoo, park walks, picnics, and visiting beaches.

What happens after?

  • The social worker will discuss possible discharge plans with the youth before or during the youth’s first day. Our assessment is designed to help the social worker select the best placement for the youth.
  • An interim assessment is also provided to the social worker and the Resources Unit after four to five weeks.

Program Details


  • Youth ages 12 through 18
  • Youth need to be involved with the Ministry of Children and Family Development
  • Youth who require assessment because other placements have not worked out well, or there are behaviours that are of concern (such as running away, self-harm, or signs of mental health issues)


  • Fraser Administration Office

    #3 – 10318 Whalley Blvd
    Surrey, BC V3T 4H4


What can be expected from us?

  • We will listen to youth opinions and ideas about how to improve their lives
  • We will ensure youth have a safe place to live
  • We will always show respect to the youth, other workers, and the community
  • We will communicate regularly with the social worker and provide an in-depth assessment. Assessment of the youth means reviewing files, talking to the youth, and talking to others about different aspects of the youths’ lives. This helps to make sure the best decisions are being made in the planning process, and it gives the youth a chance to talk about what they thinks needs to happen.We will make decisions based on the safety of the youth in the program
  • We will support youth involvement with school and other programs and services

What do we expect from the youth?

  • That youth will participate in the program and follow house routines
  • Youth keep involved in school and other programming
  • Youth will ensure that everyone at the house feels safe
  • Youth will show respect for other youth and staff
  • Youth will share their opinions and ideas about how they can improve their lives



Contact Information

Phone: (604) 951-4821
Fax: (604) 951-4808
Email: sfadmin@pcrs.ca

How To Apply

Youth are referred to QRP by their Social Worker